Sunday, November 8, 2020

Mundane Astrology

The most important transit that Donald Trump has now, is transiting Pluto in opposition to his natal Saturn- lord of the 6th & 7th houses. According to Curtis Manwaring, "Transiting Pluto opposite your natal Saturn. You will have to become more disciplined and stoic in the face of adversity now. Traditions, responsibilities and regulations are going through a period of revision and breakdown. Security is often a major concern because the limitations that were in place no longer apply. You may feel vulnerable, find yourself preoccupied with morbidity and death or you may have to deal with corruption on some level. The old solutions to problems don't work any more and you have to find new ways to overcome limitations. This is often a very austere period."

  • As it turns out, Nazi Germany had this exact same transit at the end of it's reign. "Nazi Germany was born on January 30, 1933 at 11 am when Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor. The chart for this time indicates a country under severe tension. There are numerous tension points which, if transited, would be expected to coincide with crises in the State. And so events proved." (page 379 of Mundane Astrology by Baigent, Campion, and Harvey)

    Pluto opposition Saturn: October 1942 to June 1945
    "This period saw the end of the Third Reich. It started with the two battles which spelled the breaking of German power: El Alamein late in October 1942, and the beginning of the successful Russian counterattack at Stalingrad in late November 1942. The latter ended with the retreat and surrender of immense German forces. The German army was now on the defensive. This fits the symbolism of Pluto opposing Saturn - ever increasing power opposing the armed might of the German government. The end of the period coincided with the end of Germany, for on May 7, 1945, the final surrender of all German forces was made." (page 383 of Mundane Astrology by Baigent, Campion, and Harvey)

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Jupiter & Saturn

 Jupiter and Saturn at dusk tilt ever more steeply, and sink ever lower, as they creep closer together week by week.

The November 15, 2020 Scorpio New Moon

The November 15, 2020 Scorpio New Moon (-60- Jupiter) chart for Washington, DC., features the Midheaven conjunct Algol, the Medusa's Head- generally considered the most evil, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens (Manly P. Hall). In mundane astrology, Algol often marks great tragedies: War (esp. attacks). mass murder, violence, assassination, mass disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, plagues, poisonings, storms, fog, shipwrecks, mob violence, beheading, mutilation, choking, suffocation; in short, any event in which many die or are killed brutally. (Diana K. Rosenberg)

Mundanely- the Midheaven signifies the government, national honor, nation's status before the world, world opinion, the party in power, the chief executive, and national influence in world affairs.

This Scorpio New Moon, in close sextile with benefic Jupiter, conjoins the IC (-180- MC), which signifies the political party not in power, and general domestic conditions. Which seems to suggest a fresh start, new beginnings and developments for the party out of power, and domestically.

The red planet Mars- ruler of Scorpio, that stations direct November 13, is sharply focused in the US capital at the Scorpio New Moon. Mars = 15 Aries = AS/MC (at this time and place) 14 Cancer (Sirius).

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

 2020 is a banner year for giant Jupiter & tiny Pluto having a triple conjunction. The first on April 5. The second June 30, and the final one on November 12. Because these conjunctions happen in our night sky, this year’s Jupiter-0-Pluto might be the best for centuries to come.

Friday, June 12, 2020

In Honor of Neptune

Material development is important, but it only provides physical comfort. Peace of mind contributes to good health. Families that are moved by kindness, whether rich or poor, are happy; whereas those that are rich, but lacking in kindness and affection are unhappy. ~@DalaiLama

Scientists declare that it's human nature to be compassionate. All living beings who experience feelings of pleasure and pain ultimately survive as a result of love and compassion. If we human beings help each other, serve each other, with compassion, we'll be happy. ~@DalaiLama

Mars in Aries

Mars has been inconspicuous in our predawn sky for some months. It’s slowly gotten brighter and redder. Now the drama is about to begin- and by October, Mars will outshine Jupiter!

Of course, the main reason for Mars’ extremes in brightness has to do with its nearness (or lack of nearness) to Earth. And when Earth passes between Mars and the Sun on October 13, 2020- the red planet Mars will be at max. i.e. perigee (closest to the Earth) and appear brightest in our sky and fiery red, at that time.

Transiting Mars stations-retrograde at 28* Aries on Sept. 9, 2020 and is then in apparent backward motion until Nov. 14, 2020 when Mars stations-direct at 15* Aries.

Mars first enters the sign of Aries (it's home domicile) on June 27, 2020 and does not leave Aries until January 6, 2021. That's an exceptionally long time for Mars to spend in a particular sign. And as Mars moves forward and backward, it will square Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn- the planets most associated with the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The planet Mars is also indicative of fires, which will continue to ravage California this year.

Archetypally speaking, "Mars represents the principle of energetic force. It symbolizes that part of the psyche which impels us to act, to assert ourselves, to struggle, to press forward and against, to be courageous and vigorous, to be competitive or combative. Mars is the archetypal warrior: it governs the capacity for aggressiveness, anger, and physical energy, as well as tendencies toward injury, violence, and impulsiveness. It is connected with athletic activity, and also, as the polar complement to Venus, governs the yang aspect of sexuality. The Mars archetype is associated with the Greek mythic figure of Ares, the Roman Mars, the god of war. Major aspects involving Mars are indicative of how one tends to act and assert oneself in life and how one experiences conflict and aggression." ~Richard Tarnas

Image: Matt Pollack captured Mars from Little Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks of upstate New York in July 2018.

Monday, June 8, 2020


Sunrise at Stonehenge today (8th June) was at 04.52 am., sunset is at 09.20 pm.